A Blessing


Hello, everyone. This is Tassos writing with sad news and an invitation.

Bernie Blue DeKoven, jedi master of play, passed away this weekend.

I had visited him last summer in Indianapolis to make with him A Game Of Legacy – www.alegacyofplay.net – as a game not only about legacy but also as a small part of his brilliant legacy. I cannot express how much he has impacted me, in my practice and in my self.

More of Blue’s own wisdom and joyful silliness you can find at his own site www.deepfun.com.

His funeral is this morning in US time, afternoon UK time. As I happen to be co-running a workshop for Coney today, as a small tribute, we are going to play his most beautiful Blessings Game.

Competitive Blessings – the game

The invitation, if you knew of Bernie already, even if you didn’t, is to take a few moments any time this afternoon to play the Blessings Game too. And salute this beautiful soul in his passing.

Love and best to his family.

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