Launching the Young Coneys – the places we’ll go

We’re extremely excited to have launched the Young Coneys with two workshops this weekend, led by Toby Peach, Associate Director of The Droves.

Together, we started exploring what the principles of Adventure, Curiosity and Loveliness mean to these particular young people. And we’ve also been coming up with exciting new things to make and play together, which might just be reaching the grown-up world sometime soon…

Untitled design (44)

We can’t reveal what that will look like yet. But to give you an idea what these young minds are capable of, we asked the Young Coneys a few questions about The Droves, and here are some of their answers:

What did you most enjoy?

“Picking on adults and teasing them and spooking them out”


What would you like to make next?

“A play about nothing”

“Creepier immersive theatre”

“A time travelling show”

“A water play”


If you had the power to do anything you wanted, what would you do?

“I would be the founder of a new planet”

“Be an actor”

“Get 1000000,000000 pounds”

“Help the world and have fun”

“Be invisible”

“I already do”

“Live on a horse ranch”

There will be much more from these young creatives – we hope you enjoy the journey as much as us.

The Young Coneys attend our workshops absolutely free of charge and we are pleased to be able to continue working these young makers beyond The Droves. Over the next few months they’ll be working out what they’d like to make and share (keep up to date by signing up to our mailing list) as we continue on this incredible and invaluable experience with them.

If you’d like to support our work with young people, we’d love to invite you to become a Friend – anything you can donate is automatically doubled, with match funding by Arts Council England, so every £1 you donate will be matched.

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