Spring Exchanges for the Network of Coney

We’ve just announced two Exchanges coming up soon for the Network of Coney: a group of over 500 artists and makers working in similar territories to those Coney occupy.

Everyone is welcome to join the Network and come along. If you’re wondering exactly what that involves, read on to find out more from David Finnigan, who will be leading the Exchanges. David has just returned from four months working in Singapore, the Philippines and Australia – where his play Kill Climate Deniers was produced at Sydney’s Griffin Theatre.

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Having landed back at Coney HQ as Associate-in-Residence after a few months away, I’m diving headfirst into coordinating the upcoming Network Exchange events.

The Network Exchanges are a space for members of the Network of Coney to come together and experiment, share new ideas and explore things that they’re interested in. They’ll be taking place at Theatre Deli – The Old Library over two Sunday afternoons in the next few weeks:

1-6pm, Sunday 29 April

1-6pm, Sunday 13 May

The format is simple: participants come with something they’d like to test or experiment with. It could be an idea for a game, a question for discussion, a problem they’ve been grappling with in their work – anything, provided it’s something that you’re passionate about. We begin with a general chat over a cup of tea, and decide how we’re going to structure the session. Usually, each person gets around 30 minutes to dig into their idea, but it’s all flexible. Then we dive in, and begin exploring, discussing and unpacking.

It’s a useful space to workshop ideas, but more than that, it’s good hang-outs with great people, and it’s a lot of fun.

The Exchanges will include some new pieces by Coney Associates Michelle McMahon, Georgina Bednar and Toby Peach – and if we have time, I’m hoping to share a little experiment from a recent project in Singapore, looking at evacuations in the face of typhoons.

If you’re interested, we’d love to have you along. You don’t need a brand new game to test – or even a coherent idea – just a thread that you’d like to explore. Or equally, come with nothing and simply play, discuss and reflect on others’ ideas. 

From last year, Coney network member Naresh reflected on his experience of the Exchanges:

They didn’t change the locks on my second visit and all I turn up with is some opinions and a hunger for free biscuits (at least the biscuits go down well).

In an age where many people talk interactive there are ironically few places to play interactive. Not so the Exchange. That’s what makes the exchange one the few precious oases out there.  The chance to engage with and learn from a variety of practices and skillsets is priceless. And fun.  Just for the simple glorious joy of it.

If you’re keen, please join the Network and then give us a knock to RSVP, so we can have a sense of numbers – and I hope to get to meet some more of you there!


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