Pass It On, a legacy of play


Tassos Stevens writes:

Bernie ’Blue’ De Koven sadly passed in late March, to the great playground in the sky.

I was lucky to spend time with him last summer in conversation and making A Game Of Legacy, as one small part of his beautiful legacy.

His legacy is planted in me too, ever present with a goofy grin. My time with him has had such gorgeous impact – if impact is the right word for something all about lightness – on the way I think about play, on my practice, and on me myself too.

I made a promise to keep passing on his legacy, and so unveiling

I’m writing a document of our exchange and its impact, as a piece called Pass It On. It’s released in volumes, each 3 episodes. Some episodes pose you a question, and if you choose to respond, then I will send you a little more, to make a conversation, a real live conversation 😉

Anyone can sign up for the first volume via the site or by emailing

And Coney is releasing a limited run of A Game Of Legacy, for individuals and for host organisations. More on this on our blog or if you email

Leaving you with a blessing of Blue:

may all the games that you play in the future be as fun as you are today

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