A Game Of Legacy: Limited run, public release

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A Game of Legacy was made for and by Jedi master of play BernietaDeKoven, as he neared the end of his life. Tassos Stevens exchanged with him in a series of Skype calls and a visit to his home in Indianapolis, talking about a life of play and what it means to pass onto posterity.

The game was designed with Bernie, to reflect his spirit of playfulness, making something rather joyful along the way. It’s a project very close to the heart of Coney.

The game is a surprise parcel, which you will receive in the post. But before you open the parcel, you are invited to gather friends and family around a table, with a screen at one end to play Bernie and Tassos, who will help you open the parcel and make play with its contents, and perhaps you will end up building something…

so much fun, and profound, not heavy, joyful”

Thank you for the wonderful game. It was a beautiful tribute to Bernie and what he represented. We had a great time.”

I feel our worlds swirling together… a grand game to play


We’ve been incredibly moved by the response from our crowdfunder backers who told us about their experiences of playing the game. Now, to share Bernie’s legacy with more people, we are releasing another limited run of A Game Of Legacy, available both to individuals and to host organisations.

We are accepting pre-orders for the game, as the run will be assembled in small batches. We will keep you updated on when you can expect to receive your copy. A copy from this run of the game costs £30+VAT and postage. When you place an order we will ask you to pay a deposit of the full cost, to reserve your game.

UPDATE: Due to overwhelming demand, the latest run of A Game Of Legacy has sold out – thank you for such an amazing response. You can still pre-order to express an interest in future releases or hosting the game as an organisation.

To pre-order a copy as an individual, click here.

If you are an organisation and would like to find out more about hosting the game, including an online Q&A about the making of the game, then email game@alegacyofplay.net.

You can also explore a document of Bernie and Tassos’s exchange and its impact in a piece called Pass It On. To sign up for the first volume, email passiton@alegacyofplay.net.

A Game Of Legacy credits
a game by Bernie DeKoven & Tassos Stevens
made for Bernie DeKoven by Coney
• illustrations by Hoda Adra
• design by Gary Campbell
• online design by Gareth Damian Martin & Tassos Stevens
• producing by Jyothi Giles
• sound design by Kieran Lucas
• writing by Tassos Stevens
all here representing Coney

A Game Of Legacy was made with the support of 116 generous kickstarter backers. The trip to visit and exchange with Bernie was supported by the British Council.

More about the project on www.alegacyofplay.net

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