HQ Fact File: Toby Peach

Coney’s programme is pretty large – we made 19 new things last year with 63 freelancers and the expertise of our 18 talented Associates.

This Coney programme is underpinned by Coney HQ: 3 full time people, 1 part time person, 1 person 7 months a year, another 1 day a week and one other person 3 months at a time. It’s a carefully planned jigsaw that allows us to do the most we possibly can, with the pennies that we’ve got.

We love getting to know you guys, so over the next few months we’re going to return the favour. We’re going to share fact files about a few of the people that make up HQ so  you can get to know them a little better. If you ever want to get in touch with any of them, you can find the ways and means here.

This week, it’s Coney Associate and Playful Accomplice Toby Peach in the spotlight. Read on to find out a few interesting tidbits about Toby, starting with a favourite memory from his time here so far…

Toby says: I have known Coney for many many moons and over the years I have had the chance to play many roles for them. One that will always stay with me is my time at Kensington Palace as a Georgian Courtier – where audiences were given the chance to try and make it at the Georgian Court. The time was made more memorable by meeting a very special person there. A person I thought I would never get to meet. Tina Fey. I had just finished reading her autobiography and that very day (!) she walked in with her family as they were on holiday to London. I tried to play it cool. I failed I’m sure. It was so unexpected. 

We met Kate too… but you know, she lives there so… Tina was more memorable for me. 

Toby Peach fact file

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