Coney’s carbon footprint

The core principles of loveliness, curiosity and adventure lie at the heart of all of Coney’s work.

We think hard about the impact of everything we make and do, so it won’t surprise you to hear that we are dedicated to embedding sustainability into our work. That includes our creative projects, as well as life behind the scenes, here at Coney headquarters and around the country.

Green bike light

Each year, we calculate our impact on the environment using tools created by Julie’s Bicycle, a charity that supports the creative community to act on climate change and environmental sustainability. As part of that, we count every single journey we make, every bin bag we throw away, and every positive step we take to improve.

Our carbon footprint varies from year to year, depending on the projects we make and the international work we do. In 2017-18 we travelled to 10 cities around the UK for a national tour of REMOTE, and to the USA in order to research A Game of Legacy. They’re projects which reached a huge number of people, and which we’re incredibly proud of.

Even including the travel needed for those projects, we’re delighted to share that Coney’s total CO2 emissions in 2017-18 were only 6.3 tonnes. This is much lower than the previous year (when we produced 10.6 tonnes), and we’re going to keep making every possible effort to be even more efficient.

Here are a few of the actions we’ve taken this year to keep our carbon footprint low:

  • We encourage our team to cycle to work – over the last year, between four of us at HQ, we cycled nearly 6000 miles in total!
  • When we’re on the road, we travel using the most sustainable methods we can, whether that’s bike, train or car-share
  • We use paperless systems across all areas of the organisation, only printing what we have to (and using scrap paper or recycled paper)
  • We buy as much as we can second hand; The Droves used a set mainly made from materials that would have been thrown away otherwise, from carpet offcuts to Christmas trees
  • We recycle – each week, we throw away less than one black bin bag
  • We buy our electricity from a sustainable company, Ecotricity

We are dedicated to keeping the environmental impact of each Coney project as low as possible, and we’re always looking for ways to improve – so if you have any other suggestions, give us a knock. And if you’re wondering about your own carbon footprint, why not calculate it here?

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