HQ Fact File: Zara Veerapen

Welcome to another Coney Fact File, a series of posts where we invite you to get to know the people who work behind the scenes at Coney HQ. This week, we’re sharing some choice nuggets of information about our amazing Admin Assistant Zara.

Zara saysI discovered Coney back in 2010 at BAC‘s One on One festival. I ended up sending quite a few cheeky emails to Rabbit – making some (slightly) naughty comments about carrots going up! Then, a few years later in 2014 I found Coney again at BAC whilst on their Artist as Activist programme where they were play-testing Early Days. *Somehow* in 2018 I’ve rocked up and ended up working for/with them! According to my calculations, we seem to meet every four years. That means our next rendez-vous is due in 2022, I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that I’ll get to meet Rabbit! x

Zara factfile


If you ever want to get in touch with someone from Coney HQ, give us a knock – we love hearing from the wider family of people that engage with Coney’s work.

And if you’d like to get to know us as an artist or maker, you might want to join our Network. This is a group of creative types who join us for events including Exchanges, open events where you can test new things and have excellent conversations. The next Exchange is this Sunday 15th July; if you’d like to come along, just get in touch.

HQ Fact Files are illustrated by Coney’s Administrator Rowan – find more cartoons and musings on Rowan’s blog here.

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