HQ Fact File: Natalie Adams

It’s time for another Coney HQ Fact File – where we invite you to get to know some of the people that keep Coney up and running.

This week, we’re sharing some fun facts about our brilliant Producer Natalie, who we’re about to say a fond farewell to as she heads off on new adventures after 3 incredible years with Coney. Natalie will be hugely missed as a part of our HQ team, but we’re hoping to see her on many more Coney adventures in the future!

Looking back to how it all started, Natalie says: On joining Coney I played Adventure 1. It was a hot July summers evening in the City of London. On an adventure powered by my smartphone, I set off in my own little world exploring the environment, buildings and people around me, contemplating thoughts about how wonderful life is that I get to spend a whole hour by myself playing a cool experience, and all the while following Mr X (narrated by my favourite Irish voice ;-)). Suddenly it’s not just me playing. There are others too. We get given a task and before I could run away, I got bundled into a photoshoot with 6ft3 Associate Kieran Lucas (I’m 5ft) being shouted at by a tourist telling us to “get closer together then if you want me to take a picture of you, you’re supposed to be married aren’t you!?” That’s the summer I married Kieran. 

Not really, but a nice start to a wonderful job at Coney nonetheless.

NA factfile


If you ever want to get in touch with someone from Coney HQ, give us a knock – we love hearing from you. And if you’d like to get to know us as an artist or maker, why not join our Network – a group of artists, makers and people who love what we do, and who are invited to events from Exchanges, to Playtests.

HQ Fact Files are illustrated by Rowan, Coney’s Administrator – find more cartoons and musings on Rowan’s blog here.

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