Programme Announcement 2019

2018 was quite the year for Coney, and we’re delighted to say our Annual Review for 2017-18 is now available online. We’re incredibly proud of these projects, and can’t wait to watch their legacy continue to unfold in the months and years to come.

Read the Annual Review 2017-18 here, and the HQ team’s favourite moments from last year here.

Now that the new year is well under way we’re raring to go. We’ve got some very exciting new projects kicking off, plus existing work to build on, so we’re thrilled to present our new Programme Announcement below. Read on to find out some of what we’ll be up to in 2019…

 The Young Coneys

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 10.47.25

Image © Elizabeth Dalziel / Greenpeace

The Young Coneys are a crackly, creative group of young people making theatre, adventures and games for others, especially grown-ups, to play.

Launched in 2018, the Young Coneys have already created a professional immersive theatre show (The Droves), guest-starred in A Night of Coney and led a top-secret mission with Greenpeace (Codename: Violet). You can play an online game they made last year here.

In 2019 these young makers will continue to develop ideas and build their creative skills with Coney at regular workshops and at home through our Magic Postal Service. Currently, they’re working on The Village, a new project building a world based on each individual person’s superpowers.

More will be announced through the year – keep a close eye on our blog, and join our mailing list for the chance to see what they’ve made.

Representing Coney are: Toby Peach, and others TBC.

Smartphone Adventures

There’s nothing quite as exciting as going somewhere you shouldn’t. Following on the tail of Adventure 1 which took you into a secret location in the heart of the city of London, in 2018 we created A Brixton Adventure  in partnership with Ovalhouse as part of Brixton City Festival.

This year we’re blueprinting new adventures infiltrating places about which, for now, our lips are tightly sealed.

Representing Coney are: Tassos Stevens, local makers and others TBC. 

Landing & Local Agency

WTP (1)

Coney’s work is inspired by the belief that the world can be a magical place where people can do extraordinary things. Our audiences are at the soul of the work, co-creating the experience with the stories and the worlds Coney have designed.

We make this happen through a process of ‘landing’ in a place – collaborating closely with local makers, and perhaps hopping on the train to gather insider knowledge from the people we find there.

One of the ways Coney lands in a place is through We The People (of this place), a pub quiz with questions about your community, set by people of your community. It’s a conversation, a celebration of local distinctiveness and a playful secret. In 2019, We The People will land in new locations in collaboration with partner organisations and our Associates.

Landing in a place can also help us deliver Local Agency, a series of bespoke outreach projects designed for any place to facilitate adventure, curiosity and loveliness with communities nationwide. The shape of these projects depends on the place they are for – some recent examples are The Common and the Hexham Mural Project. Keep an eye out for more through 2019.

Representing Coney are: Iain Bloomfield, Afreena Islam, Toby Peach, Tassos Stevens, Segen Yosef, local makers and others TBC. 

A Lovely Intervention


A Lovely Intervention is a project by Coney using play and gift-giving to encourage positive change for clients of Wandsworth Probation Service. This pioneering new method for rehabilitation continues in development, following successful pilots in 2017 and 2018.

The impact is designed bespoke for the client as an individual, and will also impact recipients of gifts, the non-recipients of crimes, and networks of family and friends for social cohesion in that community.

Representing Coney are: Astrid Breel, Tassos Stevens & others TBC. Developed in collaboration with Barbara Cala-Lesina of Wandsworth Probation Services.

Forever Pieces

Coney_Gift and game

Coney is building a playhouse of pieces you can play anywhere and/or forever. Some are accessed via your phone, some will arrive in the post, some… well, that would be telling.

One of the first Forever Pieces is A Game of Legacy, a Coney project made in 2017 for and with Jedi master of play Bernie DeKoven who sadly passed away in 2018. A Game of Legacy combines a physical parcel delivered in the post with digital elements to spread Bernie’s playful legacy across the globe. After an initial Kickstarter campaign, a new wave of the game was released in 2018 and future releases are to be announced.

We’ll continue to build our playhouse of Forever Pieces through 2019, when with support from the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, we are launching a brand new artist development initiative Somewhere Pieces. As part of this we invite our brilliant Associates to share practice through a series of workshops, leading to three new micro-commissions of small pieces to play anywhere.

Representing Coney are: Rhiannon Armstrong, Gareth Damian-Martin, Tassos Stevens, and others TBC. 

Open events

Toynbee social

We’ll be hosting open events throughout this year, both for our Network of artists and makers and open to the public. Here’s some of what you can look forward to in 2019:

Playful Socials: Brand new after-work events where our Network are invited to join us for a drink and a chat over a few games. The first Playful Social is on 15th February, 6-8pm – find out more here.

Exchanges: Occasional workshops for our Network where we invite you to bring along something you’re working on – a piece, an idea, a technique – and try it out as part of a welcoming, supportive group.  Think of it a bit like a pot-luck.

Playtests and Scratches: Opportunities to experience and develop new work by Coney before it goes public.

Masterclasses: In-depth workshops where Coney’s expert makers share practice and methods for making interactive theatre and play.

To hear about upcoming events as they’re announced, make sure to join the Network and our mailing list, and keep an eye on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram.



Alongside our core programme, Coney works with a whole range of commissioning partners and organisations, creating innovative and bespoke projects on demand. We’ll continue to announce new commissions this year.

In 2018 Coney delivered an exciting series of commissions including How We Save The World with Natural Environment Research Council in partnership with the Natural History Museum, Phoebe the Apprentice Ranger  with the National Trust and Small People, Big Protest presented by All Points East festival.

If you’d like to start a conversation with us about a new idea or project, contact Coney’s Producer Harriet. We’re always up for a cup of tea.

Representing Coney are: David Finnigan, Michelle McMahon, Toby Peach, Tassos Stevens, and many others from our network of expert Associates and makers.


Systems gaming debrief

Coney work with clients across sectors, delivering consultancy services for organisational insight, staff training, and fun.

In the past our specialists have delivered training programmes for clients including  GreenpeaceScience Gallery London, Adapt for ArtsCasson & Friends and Chester Zoo. If you know what your organisation needs to accomplish, we can help you achieve it. Contact Coney’s Producer Harriet to discuss your needs.

Representing Coney are: David Finnigan, Tassos Stevens, and many others from our network of expert Associates and makers.

Adventure Gifts

Coney_Rabbit envelope

With the help of one of our more playfully mysterious associates, Coney can make adventure-gifts for you or for someone close to you. These are gifts which are adventures taking place in the life of the recipient, completely bespoke for them, and played by them and friends and family. These gifts can also be made to reflect or facilitate positive life changes, inspired by our social impact practice like A Lovely Intervention.

Read more about Adventure Gifts here – and to talk to us about a possible Adventure Gift, give us a knock.

This is just the beginning – there are always playful surprises and new projects in store. Everything we do invites you to play with us as a co-creator, whether that’s on the go, wherever you happen to be, or as part of an audience who’ve come together especially.

To make sure you hear about chances to be involved, keep an eye on our blog, and join our mailing list. We’ll see you soon.

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