The Young Coneys present The Village

Last weekend the Young Coneys (our resident group of 7-13 year old makers) presented a one-off sharing of The Village, their latest project, at Rich Mix. Through regular workshops with Associate Toby Peach over the last six months, they’ve developed a playable world based around the superpowers of each individual.

A community full of hidden talents, shifting relationships and mysteries under the surface, not everything in The Village is as it seems, especially when we learn that an alien invasion is under way. Oh, and the moon is about to crash into the earth…

An audience of grown-ups become a police force, tasked with discovering who is behind the mysterious changes at work in The Village.

Parents, Associates of Coney and Network members explored an interactive world where they could question inhabitants, perform in a Festival of the Moon and make a series of choices.

After a dramatic final showdown, the fate of The Village was placed in the audience’s hands. We’re sorry to say the adults didn’t manage to come to an agreement, and so the moon crashed into the town.

The Village is the creation of the Young Coneys, from design to performance. As well as evaluating this work in progress as part of the Arts Award, they will continue to explore ideas and develop pieces for others to play, through regular creative workshops. Join our Network and Mailing List to be the first to hear what they make next, and visit our Support page if you’d like to help us take the Young Coneys’ ideas even further.

We’re hugely grateful to Rich Mix for hosting The Village in The Mix.

Made by The Young Coneys 
Director: Toby Peach
Writer: Tom Bowtell
Producer: Ellie Browning 
Facilitators: Jemima Mayala, Brent Grihalva

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