Somewhere Pieces: announcing three new commissions

Hello, my name’s Ellie Browning and I’ve been working in Coney’s new role of Projects Producer for the past four months.

A perfect opportunity to get to know our incredibly impressive Associates and our playful comms practices presented itself early on in my time here, through the Jerwood Arts funded project Somewhere Pieces. These training and sharing sessions have culminated in the commissioning of three new pieces to be made by our Associates. Audiences play these pieces facilitated by playful comms but interacting with each other or their environment. Today we are excited to announce the three Associates that we will be working closely with over the coming months, as they tell us about what they are making and why they’re excited about it…

Georgina Bednar

“Having worked with Coney across playgrounds, palaces and performance spaces, the Jerwood Micro-Commission will be my first adventure creating a project in the digital space. I love working with people, across professional and non professional contexts making live work and yet, this can be limiting. A piece of work can only be experienced first hand by those who are there to experience it. The opportunity to create something which can be accessed by anyone with a smart phone suddenly opens doors to new ways and scales of working which I am excited to explore. My micro commission will broadly be about how to find some headspace within the age of information. It will follow on from making Small People Big Questions with Coney in 2018 and will be a crucial project in a year more focused on creativity.”

Ben Pacey

“I’m really looking forward to making The Circus. I hope that it’ll be fun to play, and that it’ll give players a chance to celebrate the circles of supportive people around them. The idea came up while talking in the pub about how it’s not always easy to remember that we all have allies, and that we sometimes take our friends, colleagues, and collaborators for granted. 

The game will take players into the world of an imaginary circus: the big top, the crowd… and those days when you’re stuck on the hard shoulder of the M25. At the same time, it’ll create space to re-affirm our real-world connections, achievements and dreams. My background covers two main strands. As an artist/maker, I’ve made installations, animations, and written and devised for performance. I co-direct Dens & Signals, a Hastings-based company, with whom I’m currently developing Animals! – a project about biodiversity – for 6–10 year olds and their families. Alongside this, I’m a freelance designer and lighting designer, working with lots of amazing artists and companies. Have a look at to see some of my previous work.”

Segen Yosef

“As a theatre maker I work with young people a lot, this is both really challenging and really rewarding. I think that the education system doesn’t embrace young peoples strengths because of the fact that exams are writing based – technically grading students on memory rather than knowledge. The game I am developing encourages players to understand the differences between learning styles. It is aimed at educators to help their students, and additionally I hope that a variety of players will go on to tailor it to their every day lives. I am really excited about this project because I know individuals who have struggled with school, making them think that they are not good enough, when in fact they just needed to practise a different style of revising. I personally have discovered my love of lists and diagrams recently, and this has definitely helped me at work and on a daily basis. “

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