Introducing Eliza: Coney’s new Admin Assistant

Exciting times are afoot at Coney HQ with several fantastic individuals joining the team in recent months, including Producer Harriet and Projects Producer Ellie. If you haven’t already, find out more about Harriet and Ellie in their interview with Rabbit here.

This week we’re delighted to introduce Eliza Cass, who joined Coney in February as Admin Assistant. Here to tell you more about herself and her time at Coney so far is Eliza:

Hello, lovely to e-meet you!

My name is Eliza Cass and I’m the new Admin Assistant at Coney HQ.  

I’ve just had my one-month anniversary working at Coney, and am pleased to report a productive and thoroughly stimulating first month. Having graduated just last year, I have been navigating the post university void in London. Coney has been a continued point of inspiration, and now I am lucky enough to be resident of 16 hours a week.

How did it happen?

Having done PA, research and administration work before, soon after graduating I wanted to apply these skills to the arts. I began working as a Creative and Administrative Assistant to writer, performer/ solo artist Haley McGee. My role spanned from writing copy, managing email, creating and executing social media plans to running lines and assisting FOH for the run of her latest show, ‘The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale’. As an aspiring creative myself, this role showed me the amazing value in being able to support artists that I respect deeply and whose work excites me.

I learned a lot – especially what’s needed to ensure the smooth and successful running of a project and most importantly, the level of teamwork required. I was able to meet and spend time with artists from different backgrounds who – in spite of the fast pace, and often very harsh reality of our industry – were willing to take time to tell me about their practice, offering guidance and support.

Through this network of lovely people, I met Tassos Stevens. At the time I was performing as my alter ego, ’PAM’ – A 55-year-old woman from Yorkshire experimenting with her own self-expression in the London fringe theatre scene. This didn’t stop Tassos from making the effort to explain what Coney was to him, and a little about his own practice.

Later, as I began to delve further into what exactly Coney was, I was confronted with riddles, playful secrecy and of course the mysterious Rabbit. What was immediately clear however, was the idea of play being used as a tool to interrupt or breakdown routine life – to expose humility and create the potential for loveliness. When Tassos explained this to me in more detail, I immediately and somewhat oddly remembered by IB Maths project, completed when I was 17. I used calculus to work out the intricate reality of the Pay it Forward Challenge and particularly, how long it would take for everyone in the world to have a “lovely” thing happen to them. I’ve clearly been looking for Coney for a long time!

I am fascinated by the potential of theatre – whether play based or not – to create space that allows our most high human qualities to emerge. Coney’s practice excites me particularly because of its focus on accessibility and inclusivity of play, breaking down the assumption that theatre is only for certain demographics. Coney has the potential to reach everyone and at any time. What an exceedingly lovely prospect, the reality of which I’m thrilled to be able to do all I can to support.

I look forward to meeting more Coneys at upcoming socials, on the phone or whenever you give us a knock.

You’re always welcome to get in touch with the HQ team – we love hearing from you. If you’d like to say hi, give us a knock, and keep an eye out for us at Coney events. We’ll be announcing more Playful Socials in the coming months, where you can play games and meet the Coney team along with other like-minded folks, so be sure to sign up to our Network to hear about those as they’re announced. We’ll see you soon!

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