HQ recommends: What we’re loving right now

It’s a tough world out there at the moment – there seems to be bad news around every corner. So this week, the HQ team are sharing recommendations of things that bring us joy. Here is what’s at the top of our personal loveliness radars:

Harriet (Producer)

  • Simnel cake and hot cross buns

Ellie (Projects Producer)
A thing always on my mind is food, and one of my favourite things to do is to dine out. So here are some restaurant recommendations:

  • Jolene, Newington Green – daily changing menu so they encourage you to take a photo of the menu written up on the wall before you are seated, good for sharing plates and wine. The Caramel baked custard with rum and raisins was stunning.
  • Sinh Le, The Minories – a small and lovely Chinese restaurant, my secret that I am selflessly sharing. Delicious food, friendly service, a calm and quiet ambience. Good fun to be had with a Lazy Susan.

Eliza (Admin Assistant)

  •  “Hope” is the thing with feathers by Emily Dickinson. I recently read Grief is the thing with feathers and loved it, and then happened to stumble across this poem — which puts it all into a wonderfully conflicting but beautiful perspective. 
  • Flights by Olga Tokarczuk. I’m only half way through, but it’s an amazing book made up of a collection of short essays and stories around what it means to travel and to stay still. 

David (Associate in Residence)

Adam (Interim Executive Director)

  • Silence at Brighton Festival, by Poland’s Teatr Biuro Podrozy – a moving insight into the lives of ordinary citizens trapped by war.

Rowan (General Manager)

  • Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag, on BBC3. I’m obsessed with sitcoms, and this is a perfectly crafted gem that I can’t stop re-watching.
  • Safe: On Black British Men Reclaiming Space  by Derek Owusu (and a host of other contributors). An excellent and varied collection of essays – I particularly recommend the audiobook, where most of the essayists read their own work.

Tassos (Director | JCEO)

  • New Ways Of SeeingArtist James Bridle, investigating the tangible impacts of technology and the internet in a Radio 4 series riffing off Berger’s classic text. JB is truly brilliant (and a friend), so bloody delighted he is on the radio. Also check out his take on Youtube’s abusive algorithms.
  • Line Of DutyMy favourite TV pulp fiction right now. And a big part of communal watching pleasure is then scrolling the btl comments on the Guardian live blog – is good cop Ted really the big bad H? (no)

We’d love to know what’s making you happy at the moment too, so if you’d like to drop some loveliness in our inbox, give us a knock.

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