Sparking change: ideas from the audience

Play is a powerful tool for change. It allows you to take a role, builds agency and lets you try new ideas. What feels like a small moment of fun, a tiny shift in perspective, can be the spark that starts something bigger. From The Common to the Young Coneys, Coney’s work invites you to use have a conversation with another person using the power of playfulness – and perhaps change the world a little bit for the better along the way.

Recently, we presented Spark Change Through Play, a series of performances at The Tramshed and The Albany all about changemaking. Through a week of workshops with Coney Associates, talented young makers Lina and Esme built on their own superpowers to develop and perform an interactive piece about evolutionary and revolutionary approaches to bringing about change.

In the final show, a playing audience used games to experiment with tactics and learn from each other’s different strategies. Lina and Esme then asked each person in the audience to write down the changes they’d like to see, and how they’d make them happen. Here are some of the ideas they shared.

How to… stop plastic pollution in the oceans

Don’t put plastic in the ocean”

Make all politicians’ houses so unbelievably full of plastic they know what it feels like”

Use less plastic”

Tell supermarkets to stop putting plastics on their veg by ripping it off

How to… end poverty and inequality

Everyone should grow their own food”

Eat the rich”

MPs are only allowed minimum wage”

More companies should be helping to counter homelessness

How to… stop climate change

More green energy”

Smash capitalism”

Stop using things that give out carbon dioxide”

Stop our society needing new things all the time by making fashion about old, worn clothes and imagination”

Be bold, protest, go on strikes and marches

Spark Change Through Play was made as part of Greenwich & Lewisham Young People’s Theatre‘s Progression season. Find out more about the making process in our interview with Lina and Esme here.

Representing Coney are: Ellie Browning, David Finnigan, Kieran Lucas, Michelle McMahon, Tassos Stevens & Segen Yosef

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