HQ recommends: our loveliness radar

Back in April we shared some recommendations from the individuals who make up Coney HQ, and this week we’ve put together even more things that are making each of us happy at the moment. From art and festivals, to restaurants and new ways of recycling, we hope there’s something here to brighten your day.

Harriet (Producer)

  • Migrateful – a charity helping refugees and asylum seekers on their journey to employment and independence, by running cookery classes led by migrant chefs
  • Incoming Festival, a festival and platform for emerging theatre companies, coming up on 24-30 June

Ellie (Projects Producer) 

  • Art on the Mindan art exhibition and auction to support Cardboard Citizens’ work with people experiencing and at risk of homelessness

Eliza (Admin Assistant)

  • It was a while ago, but I can’t stop thinking about Dear Elizabeth at the Gate. It’s a play based on the letters sent between Robert Lowell & Elizabeth Bishop over 40 years of friendship. It was different actors every night, and they had never met beforehand. It was lovely watching them discover their relationship, the letters and the poetry all at once. Definitely recommend reading the script. 

David (Associate in Residence)

  • Tom Griffiths’ book on Antarctica Slicing The Silence. This quote alone was worth the price of entry:

There is a famous story of the director of the Australian Antarctic Division, Phillip Law, arriving at Macquarie Island in 1950 to relieve a wintering party and finding everyone speaking to one another with theatrical nineteenth-century gentility. The men had survived the winter by repeatedly working through their small film collection, and the group’s favourite was Pride and Prejudice. Once they tired of watching it, they turned the volume down and acted out the voices themselves. This ventriloquism easily tipped over into daily relations, and soon men were bowing and holding doors open for one another, and addressing their colleagues with sweet and elaborate civility. ‘Such affability, such graciousness – you overwhelm me’ they could be heard saying to one another.

Becki (Executive Producer | JCEO)

  • Hollie McNish on Twitter – her daily, sometimes multiple times daily poems give warmth and solidarity and fist in the air energy and remind us all how powerful we are.
  • Supermarket carrier bag recycle points and Eco Bricks – being conscious of the non-recyleable plastics we use and finding practical things to do with what’s left. 

Rowan (General Manager)

  • Poorly Drawn Lines, a webcomic (and now physical book) by Reza Farazmand. It’s dry, surreal and an absolute delight.
  • The Death of 1000 Cuts writing podcast by author and all round lovely human Tim Clare, which includes an 8-week ‘Couch to 80k’ writing bootcamp. Highly recommended if you (want to) write fiction or just generally write.

Tassos (Director | JCEO)

  • Vegan Yes – Korean Italian vegan fusion passion project of Chef Mauro and Doctor Min. Like eating inside your favourite cartoon. Yum.

We’d love to hear what’s on your loveliness radar, too! If you’d like to drop some recommendations in our inbox, give us a knock.

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