Each gesture, each person, one step at a time

Each year, we calculate Coney’s impact on the environment, adding up every bin bag, every journey, and the energy we use here at HQ to keep the office running. This information is used to estimate our carbon footprint, using tools provided by Julie’s Bicycle.

We’re proud to say that Coney’s carbon footprint has dropped by 20% in the last year, from 6.3 tonnes of CO2 in 2017-18, to 5 tonnes in 2018-19.

Coney’s environmental impact always depends to some extent on the projects we’re delivering – for example, when we tour or put on a large-scale show, our carbon emissions are likely to increase. However, knowing our carbon footprint helps us make decisions to minimise it. When we decide where and how to make work, we do all we can to ensure the positive impact of our projects outweigh their environmental cost.

Our new plastic collection box at HQ – using nonrecyclable plastics to make Ecobricks

With the climate emergency upmost on our minds, the HQ team have been working harder than ever to do better by the planet. Here are some new steps we’ve taken since last year:



  • 6 members of the HQ team cycle or walk to work each day – and between us, we cycled 5400 miles last year
  • We’re making an effort to use public transport instead of driving or flying for business travel, and to travel only when necessary. For example, we’ve chosen to Skype into conferences taking place overseas, rather than sending a team member in person.
  • Any time food is available at a Coney event, we make sure it is vegetarian or vegan by default.
  • We encourage the team to avoid using single-use plastic – reusable cutlery and water bottles have been popular gifts at HQ this year!
  • We’ve reduced the waste our office sends to landfill by setting up a food waste bin, and using non-recyclable plastic to make Ecobricks.

We’ve decided to offset our carbon emissions this year, and the team will choose a scheme between us in the next few weeks. However, we’re conscious of the limits of offsetting, and our priority is to reduce our emissions in the first place.

We’re really proud to have reduced our footprint this year, but we know there are more steps we could be taking, and we’ll be on the lookout for new ways to improve. If you have suggestions of things you’d like to see Coney doing for the environment, give us a knock. And if you’re curious about your own carbon footprint, you can calculate it here.

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