The Arcade

Coney will land in Margate this Autumn, for the first phase of a brand new project The Arcade

The Arcade is a suite of games devised and delivered for by and with the people of Margate, creating a meaningful exchange between different groups of people. It is a reflection on leisure and place, and the future of a seaside town. 

We’ll make relationships with residents to find out about local stories and local people. We’ll sit in cafés, drink cups of tea, have lunch on benches and shake hands with strangers – and follow where conversations lead.

Then together we will celebrate the local distinctiveness and loveliness of the place, through We The People (of Margate), a version of the good ol’ pub quiz hosted by Coney on Friday 4 October at 7pm. This will be followed by The Arcade Social on Friday 25 October at 7pm – an evening of interactive games and conversation, both taking place at the Old Kent Market.

There’s more going on under the radar too… if you live locally and are curious get involved, give us a knock

The Arcade is made in collaboration with Theatre Royal Margate, with the Research and Development phase We The People (of Margate) taking place in Margate as part of Margate NOW this October.

Representing Coney are: Ellie Browning, Donna Carr, Emma Gannon, Ellie Jones, Tim Lewis, Connor Maud, Megan Metcalf, Lorraine Morrissey & Tassos Stevens

Our thanks go to Marine Studios.

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