THE NEWS: a card game by the Young Coneys

This week, we’ve launched a brand new Coney Kickstarter campaign to create THE NEWS: a card game by the Young Coneys. 

The Young Coneys are our resident young company, a brilliant group of 8-13 year old makers using their creativity to spark change through play. Previously they’ve created an immersive theatre show called The Droves, and worked with Greenpeace to ditch diesel. Now they want to make a card game about fake news for you (grown-ups) to play, guided by them via your screens.

Where do we get our information from? How do we know when we are being told the truth? What are the stakes when that information informs the way we grow in and respond to the world? 

THE NEWS will be an infinitely re-playable experience, played with a pack of cards with guidance from the Young Coneys delivered through your screen. Based on these young people’s ideas and questions, their brilliant imaginations guarantee that it will be loads of fun to play! 

Besides making THE NEWS, the funds raised will support our 26 Young Coneys taking part in a rolling education in play and change-making. The programme helps these young makers identify their superpowers and nurture their passions, through regular workshops and a Magic Postal Service landing in their homes. 

Coney is very special to us because they do seriously bonkers stuff brilliantly! The team members are brilliant with children. (Our daughter is selective mute due to anxiety issues and doesn’t talk at school). The way the Coney team talk to her is amazing, they’re really kind, genuinely interested and really listen to her ideas and opinions. Coney has given her a chance to do something just for her and given her opportunities she will always remember…

Ursula, parent of Bo

We’re sure the Young Coneys are going to make something bonkers and brilliant – but they need your help to make it happen. For THE NEWS to go ahead, we have to meet our fundraising target by 11am on 1 August. 

To find out more, watch the Young Coneys’ news bulletin about the project, and learn how you can make the project happen, take a look at the Kickstarter page.

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