Landing on the Golden Lane and Barbican Estates

Over the last 6 weeks, Coney have been landing on the neighbouring Golden Lane and Barbican estates, to make We The People (of Culture Mile).

Barbican Estate – Photo by Ellie Browning

We have been meeting and chatting with the people who live there, and these conversations will form the basis of a Pub Quiz we are hosting at 7pm this Thursday, 18 July at the Wood Street Bar & Restaurant.

The quiz will be about the Barbican and Golden Lane estates, designed by residents about the place where they live, to swap experiences whilst also introducing new people to the area for the first time. All are welcome, so come along, bring friends!

We don’t want to give away any of the answers by telling you who we’ve met and what we’ve discovered. So for now we thought we’d start you off where we started, by sharing some of the history, key facts and figures, and similarities and differences between these two iconic estates.. 

It all began when Geoffry Powell won an architectural competition to design the Golden Lane Estate. He went on to work with Peter Chamberlin and Cristoph Bon and the estate was constructed 1951-1962. Later, this time via a direct commission, the trio designed the neighbouring Barbican Estate, constructed 1959-1976.

Golden Lane Estate – Photo by Ellie Browning

Both estates were both built on blitzed land, and are still owned by the City of London.

Currently, Golden Lane has 1,500 residents, Barbican has 4,000. Golden Lane is 50:50 private:council, Barbican is 95:5 private: council. Golden Lane has 940 apartments, a mixture of masionettes and flats, originally designed for single residents and couples. Barbican has 2,014 apartments, a mixture of houses, maisonettes and flats, originally designed for single residents, couples and families.

Barbican Estate – Photo by Ellie Browning

Golden Lane has a mix of facilities – a state school, parade of shops, community centre, pool and leisure centre, public tennis courts (previously bowling greens) and partial underground parking. Barbican has gardens and lakes, as well as a private school, restaurants (no shops), conservatory, arts centre, library, music school, private tennis courts and total underground parking. 

Golden Lane is colourful, with red, blue and yellow blocks and towers. Whereas Barbican is in neutral colours with balustrades in shades of green and blue.

Golden Lane Estate – Photo by Ellie Browning

Find out more about the project here.

You are invited to We The People (of Culture Mile): a Pub Quiz with all questions from conversations with local residents, and prizes to be won! Takes place this Thursday 18th July, arrive 7pm for a 7.30pm start.

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