Created by Coney, Co-commissioned by The Wellcome Trust and The Financial Times.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for communicating the climate crisis? 

Hyperobjective, an experience for a sit-down audience to play. It is a contest with prizes but uncertain rules, challenging players to find a way to win – individually and collectively. It simulates the experience of being inside a hyperobject, and reflects how individual personal choices alone will not help us meet the climate crisis – highlighting the hope that can be found in collective and political systemic solutions. 

Featured with The FT Weekend Festival, Hyperobjective will take place on The Travel Stage at 1.15pm on Saturday 07 September 2019. 

Book tickets to the FT Weekend Festival here.


Created by Coney 
Producer – Harriet Bolwell
Game Designer & Programming Consultant – Gareth Damian Martin
Assistant Producer – Emma Gannon
Voice – Rachel Hosker
Stage Manager – Jasper Hossack
Production Placement – Arlo Howard
Sound Designer – Kieran Lucas
Host/Performer – Anne Odeke
Game Design & Writer – Tassos Stevens 
Facilitator – Emily Stott

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