We The People (of Margate) – the pub quiz

We’d like to invite you to We The People (of Margate), a pub quiz about Margate, with questions set by local residents and prizes to be won! Taking place on 4 October, it’s free to attend and open to all.

Across this month and next, Coney are landing in Margate. We’re spending time exploring, making relationships with residents, following where conversations lead and making a series of playful things based on what we find.

The stories we gather and the people we meet will come together in a quiz and celebration of the distinctiveness of Margate, with locals learning from each other, and visitors learning about the place for the first time.

Have any fun facts about the local area up your sleeve? Get in touch – we’d love for you to contribute a question to the quiz.

There’s more going on under the radar too. Give us a knock if you’d like to know more – or if you want something a little magic to happen right now, text SECRET AGENT to 07723 466 334.

Friday 4 October, 7pm

The  Old Kent Market, CT9 1HD

How to join
It’s free – just RSVP here. You can bring a team, or come along on your own.

We The People (of Margate) is part of The Arcade – a project seeded by Farnham Maltings and made in collaboration with Theatre Royal Margate.

Representing Coney are: Ellie Browning & Tassos Stevens

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