HQ recommends: our loveliness radar

Winter is setting in and it’s dark outside, but there’s still plenty of loveliness to be found. This week, the HQ team share a selection of things that are making each of us happy right now. We’ve got an eclectic mixture of recommendations for you, from shows and songs, to satay stalls in our local food market – we hope you enjoy exploring them!

Becki (Executive Producer | JCEO)

  • Goran Tomka, a poetic presentation about audiences and the humanness that’s vital for the conversation – from IETM Rijeka
  • EAST by Meera Sodha – my lunch and food for friends these last 5 weeks – delicious 

David (Associate in Residence)

Ellie (Projects Producer)

Harriet (Producer)

  • Baby Reindeer by Richard Gadd, currently playing at the Bush Theatre

Rowan (General Manager)

  • Perfect Sound Whatever – a memoir / in-depth review of most of the music of 2016 / thoughtful exploration of mental health and wellbeing by comedian James Acaster

Tassos (Director | JCEO)

  • Untitled Goose Game by House House is a total mischievous beauty, the final sequence just perfection. HONK.
  • Satay Street – Coney HQ sometimes lives off their crispy tofu satay with rice. Favourite lunch for a vaguean like me.

Toby (Director of the Young Coneys)

  • Kate Tempest’s last album is unforgettable – especially if you listen to it start till end. If you want to go to the end first then listen to People’s Faces

We’d love to know what’s making you happy too! Give us a knock if there’s something great you think we should know about.

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