Announcing The Accidental Revolutionist

One small action is where it starts. It can be something seemingly insignificant that can go on to change the world. Some of the biggest revolutions have started with the smallest of actions: an accident.

The Gatekeeper is search for new recruits for a secret international society of revolutionaries founded in Wandsworth, The Despard Club. Will your school have what it takes?

Work together as a team to take on this interactive mission for schools, throughout the halls of Battersea Arts Centre, to unlock the history of the revolutionary Charlotte Despard and her notorious Despard Club.

Over the last year, we’ve been creating a new project, The Accidental Revolutionist, commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre, and we’re hugely excited to say it’s now available to play.

The project is made by Coney, represented by Natalie Adams, Harriet Bolwell, Ellie Browning, Angela Clerkin, Gareth Damian Martin, Kieran Lucas, Toby Peach, Naomi Stafford and Georgia Symons. And here to tell you more about how we made it, is Toby:


We’ve just launched The Accidental Revolutionist, an interactive adventure for KS3 to explore Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) and uncover the truth about a mysterious club called The Despard Club.

Over a year ago I was sent to Wandsworth Library to delve into the local history of BAC and write a pitch based on what, or who, inspired me from their history. I knew very little about Charlotte Despard before that day and I found myself deep in her biography, leaving with a fresh understanding of an inspirational woman who changed history. Putting together the pitch there was no question that it would have to be about Despard – a driving force in the Suffragette movement, who stood up for what she believed in and epitomised a progressive human for me. Her story was one we needed to hear now.

Fast forward a year and the adventure is now live! Writer Georgia Symons has taken the initial idea and crafted an exceptional story where Students arrive to find that their educational tour has been hijacked by an elusive figure who only calls herself ‘The Gatekeeper’. The Gatekeeper is on the lookout for new members of The Despard Club, an entirely secret international society of revolutionary minds whose mission is creating Accidental Revolutions. They have many famous members, from Obama to Nicki Minaj, all whom have taken the initiation test to join the club founded by Charlotte Despard.

Now, students playing The Accidental Revolutionist must pass that initiation test. The test takes the students on a whirlwind exploration of BAC, interacting with BAC’s new Values Installations – to find out what it means to be part of The Despard Club.

It’s fantastic to see the The Accidental Revolutionist launch and experience KS3 students being inspired by the life of Charlotte Despard, much like I was almost a year ago.

Find out more here about the project, and how you can book as a class.

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