HQ’s hopes for 2020

Following on from the HQ team’s loveliest moments of last year, this week’s blog is all about what we’re each hoping for from 2020. From meeting difference well, to new partnerships and projects, here are the things we’re most excited about in the next year of Coney:


In 2020: I’m looking forward to learning from other partners that we’re working with at Coney, and the expertise they continue to bring to the making table. I continue to be excited by the rest of the work that all our Associates get up to without their Coney hat on.

I’m hoping for: More brilliant projects that introduce us to brilliant humans and challenge us in new ways.

Hyperobjective – a recent project commissioned by the Financial Times and Wellcome Trust


I’m excited for: The Glass Kettle inspiring a platform for a new mode of better conversation and engagement with politics across difference.

My hope for Coney is: To finish figuring out a fun, meaningful and relevant but sustainable and evidence-able framework for understanding, designing and measuring the impact of play.

In the wider world, I hope for: A tipping point in the political culture around the climate crisis that might bring a little hope.


I’m excited that: The Young Coneys are growing – and a brand new cohort of Young Agents of Change will join us in January.

In 2020, I hope: Coney continue to find ways to have difficult conversations with audiences in playful and engaging ways. 

Beyond Coney: I’d love to think that 2019 is a low point for our world and that 2020 was the year of change away from that. [Fingers crossed!]


My hopes for Coney in 2020 are: Imagination, and sparking imagination in others.

I’m excited about: Coney’s work in the wider world; the arts sector is where my heart lies but a conscious effort to be curious about the wider world and understand how Coney can impact other people and sectors is something to be cherished.

My hope for the wider world is: Better conversation about difference. Without guilt or offence, but with awareness, compassion and listening. We have so much richness to learn from each other.


I’m excited for: Meeting our brand new group of Young Coneys for their first workshop session in January – they are 28 young people recruited through primary schools in Tower Hamlets. Our current group of The Droves, Codename: Violet, The Village, and Endangered Friends (among others!) fame are working on inviting them into the fold in their bespokely designed and very thoughtful way, under the title Codename Newbee.

The current Young Coneys in Codename: Violet


I’m excited about: Coney hosting Network events this year, bringing together the many fantastic people we’ve met one way and another and seeing what conversations are sparked.

In 2020, I hope: That we discover new opportunities to nurture and deploy the superpowers of everyone in the team, as Coney continues to develop and move forward.


In 2020: I’m hanging out to get better at making games.

My hope for Coney is: I was hoping for us to get an office beehive for HQ, but there has been… minimal enthusiasm for that plan. Maybe we could adopt a kākāpō?

Beyond Coney, I hope:That the whole world learns that the world’s 26 richest billionaires own as much wealth as the poorest 50%.


I’m excited about: The energy behind conversations in HQ, about how we can embed ourselves and our work in the local area, Tower Hamlets.

My hope for Coney is: That we keep growing, working with artists that are new to us, and fostering creativity in young people who may not have previously had the chance to explore it.

And for the wider world: I hope that the recent election result can produce movement and galvanise not only people already engaged in politics to take positive action, but also energise those previously unengaged, to create communities and pockets of activity that work against attempts to divide us.

What do you want to see Coney do next? Is there anything you think we should know about, in the year to come? Give us a knock to say hello any time, and join our Network to help shape our work.

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