Coney and COVID-19

With news continuing to develop around COVID-19, we wanted to let you know that the Coney blog may be a little quieter than usual in terms of announcements. Our priority at the moment is sustaining the health of the company and honouring our commitments to artists’ fees and wellbeing. We’ve been working on several projects and events which were due to be shared on our blog soon – but under current circumstances, these projects are all being discussed, reimagined and will likely be developed differently.

We’ll be keeping in touch about what’s coming up as we learn more. So much of what Coney and its artists does is about connection, using pervasive technology and the power of play to bring people together wherever they are, and we’ll be doing our best to deploy these superpowers in response to the situation as it develops. 

Sending lots of good wishes from the Coney team to you; we hope you’re keeping safe and well.

Keep an eye on our social media and blog for the latest, and give us a knock any time – we’ll be online and delighted to say hello.

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