BACK (After This Break) – a Remote Social

Coney presents a regular playful event, the Remote Social, Fridays at 7pm UK time. First up was BACK (After This Break), an online game show…

You are a team of producers working at a struggling TV station. Management are retiring and are getting ready to hand over the station. There’s a few competing teams of producers who are all looking to be promoted.

Obviously, budgets are tight, so they’re looking for a team that can do it all. You can’t afford expensive talent or famous celebrities, so often you have to be behind the camera, and sometimes in front of it.

Management are asking each of the teams to take on all the different shows for a day, to see how well you can handle them. Maybe you’ll have to make a lo-fi animation to prove you can run the children’s TV department. Or elevator pitch a sequel to a popular film. As well as prove you have the knowledge across the board to take the reins of the studio.

BACK (After This Break) is a contest, a game show and a quiz. Teams spanning at least 2 households connect with each other via their own choice of messaging app, and join Coney on a Zoom call for a series of live challenges.

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