Night At Zoom Mansion – a Remote Social

Coney presents a regular playful event, the Remote Social, Fridays at 7pm UK time. On Friday 3 April, join us for Night At Zoom Mansion

Lockmouth is a sleepy seaside town famed for its waterfalls, forests, sandy beaches… and its many spas and other businesses in the health trade.

Now, a mystery* celebrity has announced that that she’ll be a filming a documentary about the town. This could be a real boost for the town’s tourism – but the documentary can only profile one business in depth. Will it be the natural springs, the crystal emporium, or the discount cryotherapy kiosk? We’ll find out on Friday night, at the town meeting at Zoom Mansion.

But some people don’t want a Hollywood documentary crew poking around the town – after all, everyone in Lockmouth has secrets to hide – and the actress may have her own surprises in store….

Following our successful first Remote Social pilot last Friday of BACK (after this break), join us on Friday 3 April for the next remote social. We’ll be piloting a new format for a contest – a series of games, mischievous challenges, and conversations with your fellow players – perhaps together coming up with new answers – brilliant or terrible! – to the question of how we can look after each other through a time of crisis.

It’s a digital event, but spaces are limited – so sign up individually here to join us on Friday.

You will need access to Zoom (, and a good enough internet connection. We’ll be in touch ahead of the event by email, with more information and instructions…

*Rumours that Gwyneth Paltrow will be making an appearance are just that: rumours.

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