Olympics 2020: Highland (planning) games

The village of Hangoot in Scotland has around 1,500 inhabitants. It has one Tesco, the popular Smokehouse Inn, and in a radically unexpected turn of events, it has just been given the job of hosting the 2021 Olympics.

To pull this off, the British government is preparing to hire a dream team of consultants. We need thinkers, planners, predictors – economists, fortune tellers and dreamers. In short, we need YOU.

As Hangoot prepares to move the local teashop to make way for an olympic stadium, three consultancies arrive to prove their credentials. This lucrative contract can only go to one of them – so now it’s time to prove your worth.

You are going to have to think fast, dream big, and pull every available rabbit out of your hat in order to bring this off.


The third in our set of Remote Social scratches, piloting different ways of playing online together, is aiming big.

Sign up, pick your consultancy, and recruit as many friends as possible to join your crew.

Some of you will contest ridiculous challenges, some of you will be betting on the outcomes, all of you striving by fair means and foul to land the lucrative Olympics 2021 contract for your team.

Friday, 7pm-9pm.


“Keep on re-inventing this, it’s a thing I start looking forward to on Fridays :)”

“Thank you so much. Pure escapism and joy”

Player feedback for Night At Zoom Mansion, last week’s Remote Social

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