Unveiling the Pop Up Playhouse, and a Crowdfunder

We’ve been working over the past few weeks to make as much of our work as possible available to play wherever you are, even under lockdown. And this week, we’re truly delighted to unveil a new home for Coney pieces playable anywhere: the Pop Up Playhouse.

The Pop Up Playhouse is a site hosting games and other pieces by Coney, for people of all ages to play wherever they are. There are things to play indoors and outdoors, alone or with others, and everything is accessible for free at any time. This version of the site is a draft, and it will continue to grow and improve over the coming months and years.

But there are plenty of rabbit holes to explore right away, so we’d like to invite you into the Pop Up Playhouse…

The Pop Up Playhouse was under construction before the pandemic began, but it feels more timely than ever to be launching it right now. We hope the games inside may bring you a little fun at this difficult moment, and perhaps help you to connect with a loved one or even spark the beginning of a positive change. Whatever your experience, we’d love to hear what you think.

Help us make more games through the crisis: a crowdfunder

In the midst of COVID-19, we want to continue to make games and other playful experiences – including more pieces for the Pop Up Playhouse – to help people connect and play, regardless of lockdown.

If (and only if) you’re able to, you can help us do all of this by supporting our newly launched Crowdfunder.

This is a fundraiser to help us create a new selection of up to five games and other playful experiences, accessible for free wherever you are. We have some bespoke rewards to offer in return, including a virtual jukebox and even a Remote Social just for you and your friends, family or team.

Coney has an extended family of freelance artists and makers, especially our 17 Associates, many of whom have been impacted drastically by the crisis. Any funds we raise through the Crowdfunder will help us to offer them more work, which in turn will help support our artists through the crisis.

Find out more about how you can support, here. And whoever you are, wherever you are, we hope you manage to find a little fun today.

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