An invitation

Hello, we are Coney, and we make all kinds of play – interactive and immersive theatre, adventures, and games – to spark change. If you’ve just found out about us, take a look around our website to see the kind of play we make.

We’re working on a small commission to make a game about how to influence people to support sustainable palm oil (which doesn’t cut down rainforests and impact wildlife).

It will be a short game aimed at secondary school students, to play on your phone. It’s currently got a terrible working title of High School Time Traveller: The Sustainable Palm Oil Mission.

To help us make it, we’d love to gather a small group of young people aged 15 – 17 from diverse backgrounds, and ask some questions about school in the year 2020: basically, you are the experts on school life. And perhaps help us find a better working title.

(you don’t need to know anything about sustainable palm oil)

We’re inviting young people to join a Zoom call on Thursday 4th June at 12 noon (finishing 1.30pm at the latest). We’ll do our best to make the conversation interesting and fun. And each participant will receive in thanks a £15 digital gift voucher for the digital establishment of your choice (iTunes, Nando’s, Steam, etc).

If you are a young person in that age bracket and interested – or you know someone who is – then drop us a line on or find us on social media @agencyofconey.

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