We Are Shadows – update for iOS users

Please note, due to the recent iOS upgrade, any iPhone users running iOS 14 are unfortunately not currently able to take part in We Are Shadows due to a technical issue. (To find out which version of iOS 14 you are running please see the notes at the bottom of this page*).

If this applies to you, there are several options you can choose from:

1. Keep your ticket and take part with a friend who has a phone that is not running iOS 14. You can use their phone and share headphones. If you’d like to do this, just come along on the day and time you have booked onto. There’s no need to let us know.

2. Postpone your ticket to a future, soon to be announced, date. If you’d like to postpone, please email or call the lovely Rich Mix box office team on 020 7613 7498 or boxoffice@richmix.org.uk and let them know. Once the new date(s) have been announced we will be back in touch and transfer your ticket(s) to a date of your choosing. If you are not able to make the new date(s) we will offer you a refund. 

3. Request a refund. If you’d like a refund now, please email or call the Rich Mix box office (020 7613 7498 or boxoffice@richmix.org.uk) and the team will process this for you.

*How to Check which iOS your iPhone is running on:
1. Go to your iPhone’s “Settings”
2. Go to “About”
3. Check the the “Software Version”. If it is 13 or below you will be ok to play.

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