In 2020-21 Coney partnered with the Barbican, Harlow Playhouse and HOME on the Barbican Box initiative, to make a playful educational resource for schools in Manchester and Harlow. See how it played out here:

Coney’s box is a portal to a Secret Agency – membership of which offers students the opportunity to be up-skilled in making the art that they want to make using their unique superpowers. These skills were used to co-devise a playful intervention in schools, all about the issues and experiences the pupils are passionate about.

Our approach focuses around care for others, their school environments and themselves, in this hugely challenging time.

A blueprint of a building with a textbox reading 'Reconnaisance: These questions, alongside many others, may help you understand more about the Emotional Health of the Target'
Part of the Barbican Box activity pack


Representing Coney are: Brigitte Adela, Ellie Browning, Melanie Frances, Kirsty Harris, Anne Langford, Kieran Lucas, Rebekah Murrell, Toby Peach, Tassos Stevens and Sam Wong.