Announcing: Coney & Barbican Box

This week, we are excited to announce that we are the latest partner of the Barbican Box initiative, tasked with making a playful educational resource for schools and following in the footsteps of the likes of Hunt & Darton, Complicitè & Tamasha.

Over this lockdown period, we’ve been working hard and asking tough questions about how we, as artists and as a company, can meet the new and daily shifting needs of our society. We’ve been listening and researching and we are now thrilled to contribute Barbican Box’s mission to provide high quality creative resources to young people and their school communities in this challenging time.

We are delighted to be the latest recipients of the prestigious Barbican Box commission, and are looking forward to working closely with our partners at The Barbican, HOME Manchester and Harlow Playhouse. as well as with teachers and local artists. 

Our box will act as a portal to a secret agency – The Undercover Caretaker Agency. It will share Coney’s practice and facilitate a collective creative response to changes students what to make for themselves and for others.

We want to support young people to respond to the challenges they are experiencing – emotional health, resilience, shifting landscapes – empowering them as agents to have an amplified voice.

The portal will land in secondary schools across Manchester and Harlow, culminating in a breadth of projects across both locations. We can’t wait to see what each school creates, and for them to share with each other. 

Ellie Browning, Producer

You can read more about Barbican Box, Coney’s Box, and how you can apply for your school to be involved, here.

The application deadline has been extended to 23 November 2020.

Coney is here represented by Brigitte Adela, Ellie Browning, Melanie Francis & Toby Peach & Others TBC.

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