Announcing: A Scratch of The Magic Trick

We are thrilled to announce an opportunity to experience a scratch performance of The Magic Trick – a new Coney work – on 26 & 27 November.

The Magic Trick, currently in development, feeds into a larger line of Coney’s practice focussing in on the power of play and how we design play for specific impact. Within this, is an effort to not simply give players and audiences agency, but one that asks how we can hold a space in which our audience’s own agency can be enabled and change can be sparked.

Here’s a little more about The Magic Trick:

The Magic Trick is a gentle yet impactful piece of play and reflection that might help magic a small positive change into your life, or at least have fun trying.

In advance of the experience, you’ll receive in the post a small parcel of mysterious contents, and an invitation to attend the Coney Zoom Bar.

From there, we’ll travel to meet a renowned magician. We don’t know what their magic trick will be, but perhaps a rabbit will be pulled from a hat?

In the following days, you’ll be invited to stay in touch by email and sms, and exchange up to five messages supporting whatever change you’re choosing to magic. But it’s always up to you.

The piece divines the possibility of sparking change through play. Building these together, we collectively experience the joy of playing together and playing well. And with a little luck or a little magic, we can hope to mirror those conditions in our lives.

Come discover what’s possible for yourself…

The Magic Trick is by Coney, here represented by Tassos Stevens and Astrid Breel, with contributions from Barbara Cala-Lesina & Stuart Nolan.

*This piece is interactive, and invites players to join in and connect with other players during play. But it’s always up to you how and what you choose to play, and you will always have the option to sit back and observe.

Places are limited to 12 per performance. You can book a PWYC ticket here.

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to give us a knock.

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