Happy Holidays from all at Coney HQ

All of us at Coney HQ would like to wish you a happy festive season and an easy, restful end to a challenging year. 

Our virtual office is heading into hibernation for a few weeks, closed from Wednesday 16 December. 

This has been a hugely challenging year for many reasons, but we’re proud to have used the stillness to reflect on where we’ve been, where we’re going and crucially how we can continue to meet this moment with energy, positivity and determination to make the world a little better.

With support from ACE Emergency Funding, Backstage Trust, and many more generous souls including our Friends, we managed to:

  • Continue our offer to The Young Coneys online – providing them with a safe space for channeling worries and passions into creative work
  • Develop safe and socially distanced play for those most affected by the isolation of lockdown
  • Bridge relationships between artists, nurturing emerging talent through sharing our practice
  • And deliver a myriad of exciting projects including performing of Telephone around the country and beyond; developing our Barbican Box; creating bespoke events for Teenage Cancer Trust and MAVA Leadership Academy; and delivering a pilot impact study of The Magic Trick

But before we hunker down, we wanted to say a big thank you for being part of our community this year. Our online friends have been incredibly supportive throughout the pandemic and we can’t thank you enough. This year has certainly taught us that community can exist in many different ways, over many miles and via many devices! 

Although for many of us the end of 2020 a huge sigh of relief – we also wanted to take time to appreciate…

Things that got HQ through the year:

  • Toby Peach – Having things to care for has really helped me – my cat Twinkles has been a huge part of lockdown life and my few houseplants have now grown into a Jungle!
  • Harriet Bolwell – Wonderful flatmates with which to isolate. Dogs. 
  • Adam Gallacher – Ludovico Einaudi’s lockdown album – 12 Songs From Home
  • Eliza Cass – Dancing in my room, just 15 minutes with noise cancelling headphones on & reading lots and lots of memoirs, reminding me that lives are often full and hopefully long. The Borat 2 soundtrack.
  • Rowan Lyster – So many good events and talks have gone ahead despite everything – it’s always a tonic to see familiar faces through the magic of Zoom (The Hub’s balance talks are available on their blog and a great source of pragmatic encouragement, advice and coping ideas specifically for people in the arts)
  • Ellie Browning – I’ve loved being able to watch captured productions at home, from The National Theatre and The Royal Opera House in particular. I’ve been able to experience productions I didn’t catch when they were live, as well as getting a second experience of productions I’d seen and loved. 
  • David Finnigan – For sure it’s Dan Hill’s Slowdown Papers – a beautiful set of reflections about coronavirus that spill out in all sorts of directions.

While we celebrate getting through it, we are also looking forward to…

  • Toby – Working in person with The Young Coneys. I’ve been so glad to be able to keep working with them remotely this year, but there is nothing like thrashing them all at Balle!
  • Harriet – Having Christmas 2.0 with my family in the Summer!
  • Adam – Physical human connectivity.
  • Eliza – GIGS. Doing gigs. Watching gigs. Live comedy, all day, every day. Gigs gigs gigs. Gigs.
  • Rowan – I moved in lockdown – so getting properly settled into a new house and city, and (with the landlord’s permission) painting the living room a snazzy shade of green.
  • Ellie – I’m tentatively looking forward to the buzz of the city opening up again. And I’ve got a cancelled trip to Paris to rebook!
  • David – More action! Less tears!

Coney’s “office” will be closed from Wednesday 16 December for a few weeks. Please send any urgent enquiries to knock@coneyhq.org, but note that this inbox will be checked infrequently.

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