Announcing: Another chance to Save the World!

After three sell-out shows last month, we’re thrilled to be able to release another round of tickets for How We Save The World.

Photo by Thomas Scott on Unsplash

How We Save The World distils the idea that storytelling and human connections are among the most powerful tools in climate action at its most immediate & intimate level.

Matt Law, Climate Cultures

About the show

What if you had the power to save the world….

Join us on 27 or 30 March for an adventure through moments in history where change might be possible, to help save the world from the worsening effects of the climate crisis.

In this playable experience, the audience takes control of the unfolding story. Guided by our expert pilots, you’ll enter the Time Machine and travel across decades and continents, landing at pivotal moments of the environmental crisis, from the South Sumatran rainforest, to a house party in Clapton.

You’ll steer the course of our collective journey by voting, speaking up and influencing other players – with plenty of laughs along the way.

By looking at how we got to where we are today, together we’ll explore moments where small actions can create a ripple of change in the world – and imagine ways to take that forward in our own lives.

When & where?

Performances are at the following times and will last around 70 minutes. All shows are online so all you’ll need is a device with access to Zoom.

Saturday 27 March, 12:30pm
Saturday 27 March, 3:30pm
Saturday 27 March, 7:30pm
Tuesday 30 March, 7pm

How to book

Book on Eventbrite using the buttons below:

Please note – there is no minimum donation (the minimum is set by Eventbrite), so for a free ticket just drop us an email on letting us know which performance you’d like to attend.

We can’t wait to see you there!

How We Save The World is a story game by Coney, created in collaboration with environmental scientists and the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), first presented in 2018 at The Natural History Museum, London, now re-imagined as a live online performance for our new global context.

Coney is here represented by Gareth Damian Martin, David Finnigan, Carole Keating, Kieran Lucas, Michelle McMahon, Ed Naujokas, Richard Popple, Naomi Stafford & Tassos Stevens.

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