An invitation: a playful workshop about health data

Thursday 15th July, from 2-5pm, in the Coney Zoom Bar

Coney – as part of Create To Collaborate aka C2C – is hosting a playful workshop about health data with researchers and members of the public, as part a study exploring how a playful approach to co-designing research might help make better connections leading to better research.

We’re looking to recruit people to take part:

• who might be interested in discussing the question of how and why health data is used in research, but might not be the usual voices in a conversation like that

• who are up for taking part in a gently playful approach but have not played more than one piece by Coney in the last year, and don’t have any other relationship with Coney

Even if you yourself don’t qualify, if there are people you know, friends or family or colleagues, you could forward this invitation onto, that would be fantastic 🙂

The workshop will take place on the afternoon of Thursday 15th July, from 2-5pm (with screen breaks). You’ll need a laptop rather than tablet or phone, zoom installed and a robust internet connection. You can expect it to be both interesting and fun, a mixture of games and conversations (nothing intense or exposing, and you’ll always be able to opt in and out of play, as you’re comfortable).

Participants will receive a fee of £22/hour, for the workshop. An introductory meeting beforehand, with one of the study team, will be arranged at your convenience. There will also be an option to give feedback afterwards on the whole experience.

Anyone interested in taking part, please fill in the online form here:

Deadline for expressions of interest: Thurs 8th July, and we’ll write back to confirm your place by Monday 12th.

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