Welcoming our new Trainee Producer

Back at the end of July, we were thrilled to welcome a new member to our HQ team – Trainee Producer, Parwinder Kaur. Parwinder will be with us for a 6 month Kickstart placement and we can’t wait to see what she gets involved with and how Coney can support her in her career going forward. 

We’ll let her introduce herself and her work to you…

Hello, lovely to meet you all!

My name is Parwinder Kaur and I am a Trainee Producer at Coney HQ. I graduated from the University of Brighton in 2019 in Fine Art Critical Practice, where I began expanding my interest in art to other areas  such as video and performance art. I was lucky to have been hired at Coney as part of the Kickstart Scheme a few weeks ago and to be working here for the next few months!

This is my fourth week working at Coney, and it has been a pleasant and productive experience. I’ve been getting to know the team and Coney by playing some games from The Pop up Playhouse, such as ‘Perfect Insta’,  ‘Kids Takeover Quiz’ , and separate projects such as ‘We Are Shadows: Brick Laneand ‘After Life Experience’. I found the latter two to be particularly immersive, taking a few moments from my day to dive into the full experience of the game and reflect on places, memories and cultures. 

I am shadowing and being trained by Eliza and Ellie, allowing me to learn on the job, while still getting to know the rest of the team, who are all lovely, understanding and patient and made me feel welcome since I became part of Coney!

There are a few things that intrigued me about Coney and made me want to apply for the role. Firstly, I found Coney’s approach to theatre interesting and different, making it more accessible to people through online activities and games, especially post-Covid, giving me a different perspective on what “theatre” can be.  Secondly, there is a certain mysteriousness and curiosity to Coney which I first noticed on their website, then in games and I was able to experience it in person during the recent Young Coneys Graduation. It was my first time meeting them, and I thoroughly enjoyed assisting them and finding out more about their views on important issues in the world and the changes they’d like to make. 

Prior to working with Coney, I had some experience in the Gallery and Theatre environment, along with working as a Student Ambassador for my University, where I got the chance to work with children and young people, similar to the Young Coneys. It’s quite inspiring to find out about their viewpoints on the world and how maturely they are able to express themselves. 

I’m excited to learn more about the admin work and what it takes to ensure the smooth running of the various aspects of the company; fundraising, marketing, the development of a piece of work as well as finding out more about other artists’ practices. I also  hope to bring something to the table through my creative knowledge, by getting  involved in future projects.

I admire Coney’s drive to help spark a change into people’s lives and having the audience and participants as the main focus of their play, plus encouraging young children to reflect on important issues through interactive games. I look forward to getting more involved with the company and to support its continuous development! 

We will be offering a second Kickstart placement in HQ this Autumn, so keep your ears tuned for an announcement. 

As always, if you have any questions or queries – don’t hesitate to give us a knock

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