The Ministry of Time Travel at The National Archives

Calling all secret agents!

This summer, enter the extraordinary world of the Ministry of Time Travel and help Ola and Jay solve a very royal mystery. Commissioned by The National Archives, Ministry of Time Travel is aimed at 8-12 year olds & their families. Available to play until September 4 2022.


The Ministry of Time Travel is a series of adventures created at The National Archives for young people & families. We welcome audiences to the world of The Ministry of Time Travel, a secret organisation based at the heart of The National Archives, to use the evidence from the past available there, to safeguard time itself!

The adventures began with The Pickles Mission in summer 2021.


The Ministry of Time Travel
A project by Coney
Performers Afia Abusham (Pickles Mission), Jacoba Williams & Gerel Falconer (1671 Crown Jewels Heist)
Filmmakers DMLK Video
Producers Carole Keating (Pickles Mission), Marie Klimis, Emily Davis & Nathan Charles (1671 Crown Jewels Heist)
Writers Fran Moulds (Pickles Mission), Melanie Frances (1671 Crown 
Jewels Heist)
Sound Designer Dinah Mullen
Digital Programming Ed Naujokas (Pickles Mission), Maz Hemming (1671 Crown 
Jewels Heist)
Graphic Design Ed Naujokas (Pickles Mission), Gareth Edwards & Jess Sanders (1671 Crown Jewels Heist)
Director and Narrative Design Toby Peach
Set and Prop Design James Rowlands
Ministry of Time Travel Narrative Development Team Brigitte Adela, Rhianna Ilube, Carole Keating, Chloe Mashiter, Fran Moulds, Toby Peach, Tassos Stevens, Ruth Sutcliffe (Pickles Mission)
Additional footage provided by Magneto Films (Pickles Mission)

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