Introducing our Winter Programme

As we come to the end of another challenging but enlightening year, we’re thrilled to inject some fun into your evenings once again with a series of playable experiences ready to book! 

We’re announcing some exciting events, showcasing classic Coney pieces as well as some brand new experiments to try. All of these pieces explore remote and hybrid experiences for playing audiences – asking what it might look like to play both together and apart, and building on everything we’ve learnt this past year. 

Read on to find out what’s coming up – and make sure to join our mailing list if you’d like to be the first to hear about future performances.

BOOK NOW – Telephone, 2 December, 7pm

Two women wearing old-fashioned dresses speak over a string telephone. Text beneath the image reads 'Telephone'. Coney's logo is in the bottom right corner.

Created in the first Covid-19 Lockdown, and one of the most-loved pieces in our remote programme – Telephone is back for a one-off performance.

Join us, wherever you are, to reflect on how we’ve lived through continued isolation and distance, uncovered unexpected resilience and found some new ways to connect.

Find out more and book here!

Coney is here represented by Tassos Stevens.

BOOK NOW – The Rewilding Game, 3 December, 8pm

A giraffe looks out over a forest and, in the distance, a city

This is a storytelling game to imagine rewilding a region, a region you know well. It could be as small as a city borough, or it could be as large as a country.

What happens to your story when a new species arrives in the area? Who is affected by this and what happens to them? What kind of major climate event might hit? And does anyone benefit? Join us to ask these questions and more, and to collectively conjure the next 40 years of our places in our world. How might we live differently according to this vision?

Sign up, then recruit between 2-6 friends/colleagues or anyone else with a common geography (based on borough/town) to join you. Gather as a team in real life in a real room, or meet in the Coney zoom bar, or a hybrid combo. Not to worry if you end up flying solo – we can put you into a group!

Get your tickets here.

Coney is here represented by David Finnigan

Coming soon in the New Year…

We’ve got more Socials coming up in the new year to get us through those dark January nights, and into stepping outdoors to play in Spring. Keep your ears tuned – we’ll be announcing more each month. Just to get you interested… next up on 6 and 13 January:

The Circus (created by Ben Pacey & Maz Hemming) – A game celebrating all the things that make us us, and the gifts we’ve got to give. This is a game for groups of people who do something together, a job, a hobby, a regular get-together as friends – whether you’re playing remotely or in the same room. We’ll invite you to book as part of a group of 4-7 people – so get thinking about who might form part of your Circus! 

A Night of Fortune Telling featuring Words Fail (created by Rosie Elnile, Eve Leigh & Cesía León-Alvarez) and Radio Kledon (created by Tassos Stevens). We’ll encourage you to sign up as a pair, and see what you might divine together. 

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