Remote Socials to brighten your January

We had a blast at The Rewilding Game earlier in December and now we’d like to invite you our next two Remote Socials coming up on 6 and 13 January. We hope they’ll be a little something to look forward to in the dark winter months – all taking place online so you can play along while keeping cosy on your own sofa!

A crystal ball showing an image of a tree, on a rainbow sky background

6th Jan – A Night of Fortune Telling, on Zoom, 8pm

Featuring Words Fail… by Eve Leigh & Rosie Elnile & Cesía León-Alvarez, Radio Kledon by Tassos Stevens, and Turn Again by Kathryn Beaumont & Tassos Stevens

It’s the epiphany of 2022, what will this new year hold? What better way to answer this question than to join this playful social all about fortune-telling and the future? Our headline is Eve Leigh’s brilliant piece Words Fail, developed from the previous scratch in last April’s social, about our personal and collective fortunes.

Sign up to play for the evening either individually or in pairs. We’ll meet in the Coney Zoom Bar, play the first two pieces solo but simultaneously, before a conversation game in pairs, and a chance for conversation in the bar afterwards.

Click here to book A Night of Fortune Telling

13th Jan – The Circus, on Zoom, 8pm

The Circus by Ben Pacey is a conversational game (for a group of 4 – 7 people) which celebrates the stuff that makes us each unique, and the amazing things we’re capable of when we work together.

You’ll cast each other as the key players in a travelling circus – will you be the Lion Tamer or the Trapeze Artist? – and then tell the story of your Big Top adventure.

Sign up, then recruit between 3-6 friends/colleagues to join you – any group who know each other, at least a bit. Gather as a team in real life in a real room, or meet in the Coney Zoom bar, or a hybrid combo.

Click here to book The Circus

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