What do you do in your Coney hat?

I’m Coney’s Admin & Marketing Officer – that means general administrative support for the company, plenty of organisation, as well as socials and marketing for Coney. If you’re making contact with our admin inbox, it’s likely me you’ll be chatting with. And our Tweets are mostly written by me!

What other hats do you wear?

I’m also a writer, facilitator and freelance theatre critic who trained at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama. Since graduating in 2019, I’ve been part of writer’s groups at the Royal Court and Soho Theatre, the latter of which awarded me the 2020 Tony Craze Award for my new play Dirty Dogs. I’ve been commissioned by Theatre of Debate, UCL and Popelei. I write reviews for Exeunt, The Stage and the Evening Standard.

What excites you most about Coney?

For me, it’s Coney’s commitment to playfulness for all ages, in all places. Having spent a lot of time working with young people, I’ve seen how we lose our sense of playfulness and openness to adventure as we get older – but not at Coney!

What’s something you’re really curious about?

Black holes – intriguing, terrifying, existential-crisis-inducing!