What do you do in your Coney hat?

As General Manager of Coney, I am responsible for keeping the HQ engine turning over. That means wearing a lot of hats, including day-to-day communications, finances and operations, and generally making sure the people and culture of Coney are well looked after.

What other hats do you wear?

I’m a musician of sorts. I play whatever instrument I can get my hands on (usually something you hit or pluck) and I am fortunate to play with some really excellent artists. These currently include the theatrical and wonderfully slippery artist Rubie, 60s influenced indie- pop band The School and the ethereal songwriter Austel.

Widening access to music education and demystifying music making has been a central thread of my career to date. One of my proudest achievements in this area has been producing the Ear Opener video series – a free resource which brings together a diverse range of musicians to break down big musical ideas.

I am also Development Manager for Purple Moon Drama, who run lots of brilliant activities to help young people from marginalised backgrounds to develop craft and connections in creative industries.

What excites you most about Coney?

Everything is play and nothing is what it seems.

What’s your favourite game?

This certainly isn’t my favourite game, but I am embarrassed to admit that one of the first things I do every morning is play Wordle. But that’s starting to feel more like an obligation than a game…