What do you do in your Coney hat?

I work across the Coney programme, bringing together creative and production teams to plan and deliver projects and finding ways to develop ideas into full productions.

What other hats do you wear?

I am one of the directors of 27 degrees, a migrant-led immersive theatre company specialised in socially-engaged shows in unusual places. We’ve performed in church crypts, museums, tunnels under the Thames and inside people’s homes. I also work as a writer and designer for solo projects, specialising in immersive storytelling projects combining sound design and traditional crafts. I like making work for public spaces, from streets to libraries. As a producer, I’ve also worked for companies such as the City of London Festival, the Horniman Museum or Europalia International.

What excites you most about Coney?

So many things. The playful activism. Sharing gifts with strangers. Finding ways of connecting individuals who wouldn’t meet otherwise. And rabbits. Obviously.

When was your last adventure?

I have a 3-year-old, so daily adventures are the only way to survive: last night, we went on an adventure to hunt the runaway toothbrush. After multiple perils, we caught it and teeth were brushed.

www.marieklimis.com | www.27degrees.org