Our Associates are a collection of artists and makers committed to an active exchange of practice with Coney, as part of a two-way programme of learning and talent development. Keep an eye out for announcements of Rapid Scratches, commissioned performances and more!

Brigitte Adela

Brigitte’s practice is about making safe, accessible, inclusive spaces for people to explore, play, create and connect. She is a theatre director, facilitator and sound artist; she’s worked with Coney as a facilitator with the Young Coneys (The Young Coney’s School for Grown Ups, The Undercover Care Taker Agency) and on the Barbican Box.
w: www.brigitteadela.com

Kathryn Beaumont

Kathryn is an integrative psychotherapist and creative collaborator. Alongside her clinical practice, Kathryn works with individuals and companies on projects seeking to bring about positive change in communities. She’s also an occasional jobbing actress.As a member of the Coney Guild Kathryn worked alongside Tassos Stevens on a response to the Brexit aftermath. The Glass Kettle is a mash up of psychologically informed practice attempting to bring people together across political divides, and made an appearance at the BAC Get it While its Hot festival as well as online.Whilst making her first solo show I Told You This Would Happen Kathryn contributed an experience for solo players called ‘Call Waiting’ at Coney’s Scratch Night of Play at Camden People’s Theatre. She is currently working on a new idea using newly acquired skills in playful comms…
t: @kathrynbeaumont .

Afsana Begum

Afsana is the Creative Producer and founder of Rightful Place Theatre Company (RPT). Having worked in arts education for over 12 years’ at Mulberry School for Girls, Afsana has been involved in key support roles on numerous in-school and extra-curricular performing arts projects since 2008. This includes her role as Company Manager for the school’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe productions; Cry God for Harry, England & St George (2018) by Sam Maynard and three of Fin Kennedy’s plays, one of which won a Scotsman Fringe First. As a former Mulberry student and a current Trustee for local arts charity; Magic Me, Afsana is an advocate for her local community in Tower Hamlets. Afsana is passionate about the arts and developing her work to provide a platform for ethnic minority women in Tower Hamlets. Coney’s audio walking tour We Are Shadows: Brick Lane Project was developed in collaboration with Rightful Place Theatre company members and Tamasha Theatre Company in 2019. Afsana was also a facilitator for the Young Coneys programme from Jan – Aug 2020, empowering the next generation of young leaders aged 7-13 to explore the change they want to spark in the world through play.
t: @RightfulPlaceE1

Astrid Breel

Astrid’s practice explores participation, agency and the ways in which people find meaning in their experiences through connecting with others or through reflection. Astrid wears three hats (often on top of each other): researcher, maker and educator. She is the Impact Research Fellow at Bath Spa University. She has represented Coney on The Magic Trick and A Lovely Intervention. She also did audience research on Early Days and Adventure 1 as part of her PhD.
w: www.bathspa.ac.uk/our-people/astrid-breel/

Will Drew

Will writes for games and theatre and often some combination of the two. As a maker with Coney, he’s worn the hats of game designer and writer but he tends to concentrate more on writing now. Projects where he has represented Coney: FuturePlay; Crowd Play; Adventure 1; The Green Gold Conspiracy; Your Connection is Not Private; Act. Don’t Act; Three futures (and a fortune); An Adventure Map (cancelled)
w: williamdrew.work

David Finnigan

David is a writer, theatre-maker and game designer. He often does research for projects where that’s useful. He’s worked with Coney on projects including 95 Years or Less and Temperature Check.
w: davidfinig.com t: @davidfinig

Emma Frankland

Emma Frankland is an award-winning theatre-maker and performer. Visually stunning and playfully destructive, her practice has focussed on politically motivated performances surrounding issues of gender and identity (relating to her own experience as a trans woman) recently published by Oberon Books as “None of Us is Yet a Robot – Five Performances on Gender Identity and the Politics of Transition”. It’s a remarkable body of work that encompasses the past decade of trans politics in the UK. “Emma Frankland is the punk rock angel of your dreams and nightmares…” (The Stage) Emma first worked with Coney on the revival production of A Small Town Anywhere, since then she has taken various roles from facilitating games about climate justice, to performing with her child Jowan, to providing voiceovers.
w: www.emmafrankland.co.uk t: @elbfrankland / @notyetarobot

Dom Garfield

Coming soon.

Brent Grihalva

I’m a play enthusiast with an applied theatre background and work experience mainly in the education and youth development sectors, and am currently a post-graduate student in arts based psychotherapy. I have supported the Young Coneys ensemble with their making, play exploration, and activism since 2018.

Maz Hemming

Maz has worked with Coney on a variety of Twines, they enjoy using Twine to make experiences. They like to create in both physical and digital forms on a range from drawing illustrations, to dyeing and weaving their own lampshade.
w: www.mazhemart.co.uk t:@MazHemA

Rhianna Ilube

Rhianna is a playwright, researcher, project producer and educator. She has a strong interest in black and queer history, activism and site-specific theatre. 

Rhianna is Maker and Reseacher within Coney HQ and has represented Coney on several cross-sector projects, including with UCL, The National Archives, and The Bureau for Investigative Journalism. She is a changemaker with The Advocacy Academy, where she supports youth activists on a range of campaigns (such as ‘Choked Up’ against air pollution), whilst designing interactive games and workshops for trainings and events. She also works collaboratively as producer and researcher for individual artists, such as writers Afua Hirsch, Season Butler and Armeghan Taheri. Rhianna is a member of the Royal Court writers group 2020/21, and is currently writing her first full-length play.

Rhianna is co-founder and host of ‘A History of Everyone Else‘, a decolonial platform centring stories sidelined from narratives of the British Empire. She has a BA in Politics, Sociology and Psychology from Cambridge, and is completing an MA in Writing for Performance & Dramaturgy at Goldsmiths. 
Website: https://www.rhiannailube.com/  Twitter: @rhianna_ilube

Afreena Islam

Afreena has been an Associate of Coney’s for a little while, and Coney has seen her through several jobs, a couple of kids, an international tour, and a marriage. She currently works at Arts Council England, as a Relationship Manager for Diversity, in the North of England. She likes telling stories, stories about things that mean something to her, and that she thinks might mean something to other people. It’s never just a show, always a conversation. The most notable thing she has made is ‘Daughters of the Curry Revolution’, which is her trying to piece together the journey of her dad’s life, as an immigrant to Britain, as a father, as restaurant owner, and as a Parkinson’s sufferer. This piece was born out of Coney’s Playful Documentary Unit in 2013, for which she will always be grateful. She has represented Coney on The Green Gold Conspiracy, The Common, NEIGHBOURHOOD and on many other occasions, too.

Eve Leigh

Eve is a writer for performance. Plays include Midnight Movie (Royal Court/Berlin Theatertreffen Stueckemarkt 2020); While You Are Here (The Place/Dance East); The Trick (Bush Theatre, national tour); Spooky Action at a Distance (Royal Court/RWCMD); The Curtain (Young Vic Taking Part); Stone Face, and Silent Planet (both Finborough Theatre). Game text/story design includes The Delegation (Coney/Точка доступа); A Day In The Life of Someone Else (Oscar Mike). Digital works include Invisible Summer (Royal Court). Installations include Movimento/Variations (36 маймуни/Bulgarian National Theatre Festival); Your Future (HAU/Sophiensaele/Ballhaus Ost/Camden People’s Theatre). Dramaturgy includes How To Win Against History (Young Vic). Commissions include National Theatre Connections, Audible, Royal Shakespeare Company, Sheffield Theatres, Unicorn Theatre, PappyShow. Awards include Berlin Theatertreffen Stueckemarkt selection 2020, Sarah Award for Audio Fiction 2020, Jerwood/Royal Court New Playwright Award 2019 (with Jasmine Lee-Jones), Women’s Prize for Playwriting Finalist 2020, Bruntwood Prize shortlist 2019. It’s hard to put into words why she writes. She wants every play of hers to be an emergency. There’s something about the ritual of emergency, an emergency happening at the same time in the same room every evening, that feels like an essential response to the moment we live in.
w: https://www.eveleighwriter.com/ t: @EevLee

Kieran Lucas

Kieran is an award-nominated sound designer, sound artist & theatre-maker. He is a founding member of Barrel Organ, associate at Coney & founder of Streatham Space Project. Alongside his work in theatre and performance Kieran has worked on audio, radio and digital projects including with Imperial War Museum, St Paul’s Cathedral & Coventry Cathedral. Credits include: The Future Project (Streatham Space Project), Found Sound (Coventry Creates/Coventry City of Culture), Noah & The Peacock (Nottingham Playhouse), Me For the World (Young Vic), The Rage of Narcissus (Pleasance Islington), Antigone (New Diorama), GASTRONOMIC (Shoreditch Town Hall/Norwich Theatre Royal), CONSPIRACY (Underbelly/New Diorama), Pops (HighTide Festival) Companion: Moon (Natural History Museum), How We Save The World (Natural History Museum), The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale (CPT/Progress Festival), TBCTV (Somerset House), Square Go (Paines Plough Roundabout/59E59), A Girl In School Uniform (Walks Into A Bar) (New Diorama), My Name Is Rachel Corrie (Young Vic), BIG GUNS (The Yard), Under The Skin (St Paul’s Cathedral).
w: www.kieranlucas.co.uk

Chloe Mashiter

Chloe combines elements of tabletop- and live-action role-playing games with theatrical performance and design to find fun, engrossing and rewarding ways for people to tell stories together. As a maker, she basically wears one of those novelty hats that holds a can on either side and plastic piping straws to drink from them, if you kept switching out the kinds of cans in the hat. She’s most frequently a game designer, but also often a performer, deviser, creative technician, sound designer, coder, writer and – but increasingly less often – a director. She has represented Coney as a game designer on Playing The Moment and The Incognito Society‘s Playoff of Curiosity and Spring Showdown.
w: www.chloemashitermakesthings.wordpress.com

Michelle McMahon

Michelle McMahon works as an actor, director, writer and voice artist. Recent collaborations with Coney include: co-director and co-maker on HOW WE SAVE THE WORLD (a decision-making adventure through key moments in the Earth’s history); co-director and co-maker on YOUR CONNECTION IS NOT PRIVATE (Coney for Free Word Centre and Camden People’s Theatre). Performances with Coney include: Early Days (of a better nation) (Battersea Arts Centre), House of Cards (Kensington Palace), Crack the Code, FuturePlay and Adventure 1, A Tail of Two Cities (City of London). A full biography of her work is available on her website.
w: www.michellemcmahon.work

Rebekah Murrell

Rebekah is a performer and director from London who is a new agent of Coney, after performing in The Delegation. She used to run the outreach programme for a literary charity; now she makes plays and acts in them. Rebekah particularly likes making work about, by and for women of colour. She directed J’OUVERT by Yasmin Joseph at Theatre503, and appeared in plays like NINE NIGHT by Natasha Gordon (National Theatre/Trafalgar Studios), ROMEO AND JULIET directed by Ola Ince (Shakespeare’s Globe), WHITEWASH by Gabriel Bisset-Smith (Soho Theatre), SCENES WITH GIRLS by Miriam Battye and GLASS. KILL. BLUEBEARD. IMP. by Caryl Churchill (Royal Court). Rebekah also works with KIT Theatre as a facilitator creating adventures for primary school children.

Ed Naujokas

Ed is a game designer with his main focus on physical and tabletop, but also has previously worked with digital games and escape room puzzles. Some of his maker hats include, game design, illustration and graphic design, prop making, programming with C# and Unity as well as web HTML and Twine. Ed represented Coney as a programmer and graphic designer with in Incognito Society, Order of The Others and programmer for Three Futures (and a Fortune) and We Are Shadows.
t/i: @thecuriousyeti

Anne Odeke

Anne Odeke is a professional actor and playwright, who most recently has performed both at Shakespeare’s Globe and with The Royal Shakespeare Company. Anne is also a qualified, secondary school Drama teacher, and she continues to teach in a variety of secondary schools, largely in the Essex area where Anne herself was born, raised and continues to live today. Anne has had the pleasure of working for Coney twice; once on a project for The National Archives calledMy Grandad: The Spy‘, and on another called ‘Temperature Check‘ – the latter of which ended with drinking a lot of gin. She does not regret it.
w: www.spotlight.com/0359-0195-3804

Ben Pacey

Writer, Maker, Design, Lighting. Ben has been doing this stuff for a while now, but he’s still excited about collaboration, connection, participation, sharing, stories, experiences and ideas. He reckons artists wield powerful magic, that positive change is possible, and that it’s a privilege to at least make the attempt. His writing and making is focussed around Dens & Signals, a company which he co-directs, and with whom he’s helped to make some beautiful things happen. With Coney, he was part of the core team which made A Small Town Anywhere, and more recently he conceived and made The Circus. Pre-pandemic design credits include: Idol for Jamal Gerald; Vessel for Sue Maclaine; Not I for Touretteshero; This Restless State for Fuel; Delightful for Birmingham Rep; Greg Wohead’s Comeback Special; Javaad Alipoor’s The Believers Are But Brothers. Lighting design includes Verity Standen’s Undersong; Sleepdogs’ Dark Land Light House; Ice Road for Raucous; Youthquake for Zest; Uninvited Guests’ This Last Tempest; Kiln Ensemble’s The Furies; and Melanie Wilson’s Autobiographer.
w: www.benpacey.co.uk

Janisè Sadik

Theatre/Film Maker and Creative Facilitator. The projects Janisè has represented Coney on are The Young Coneys’ School for Grown Ups & The Undercover Caretaker Agency.
t/i: @janisesadik

Ruth Sutcliffe

Artist, scenographer, designer. Represented Coney : We The People
w: ruthsutcliffe.info t/i: @ruth_sutcliffe

Segen Yosef

Segs is interested in making work which reflects people like her, around themes of race, migration, gender, and social equality. Segs is a theatre maker and director, but has written and performed. With Coney, she has Co-Directed The Common, and was a maker on Your Connection Is Not Private, How We Save The WorldTemperature Check Somewhere Pieces & The Delegation.
w: www.segenyosef.com