Astrid Breel is a performance artist and a PhD student at the Centre for Cognition, Kinesthetics and Performance at the University of Kent.

Her PhD research considers the aesthetics and ethics of participatory performance, arguing that they are inherently interlinked in participatory practices. Looking at interpersonal relationships created by the performance, the embodied experience of the work and the creative contribution made by the participant, her research explores the issue of agency in participatory performance. She is also very interested in the personal, idiosyncratic experience of being a participant, which inevitably impacts on the work (as it influences the way you respond to the work), but also in the way that taking part in performance can offer an encounter with yourself as well as with others.

Astrid has also developed an audience research methodology to explore these key aspects of participation and has so far done audience research on two of Coney’s projects: Adventure 1 and Early Days (of a better nation).

She is a member of Residence, which is an artist-led organisation creating space for artists to make performance, live art and theatre in Bristol. |