Executive Producer

Becki was a longtime admirer of Coney before she joined the company. Never seeing any projects, but watching from afar the business model that supported so many artists, and what Coney did to redefined what theatre, and an audience could be. 5 years on she’s proud to co-lead the adventure.

Becki first met Tassos in 2011, when she asked to borrow his laptop charger at an event. But he doesn’t remember that, which is a shame.

Together they share all sorts of curiosities about people and Play. And how Play can give people agency and empower them. Becki is responsible for giving Coney resilience, and providing a framework that supports the company’s ambitions and growth.

Becki has over 12 years experience producing performance work for unusual spaces and settings; from garages, to cafes, foyers, libraries, pavements, disused shops and once at a funeral. Her work has been presented at the National Theatre, Southbank Centre, the Barbican, the Roundhouse, Glastonbury, Latitude and extensively across the UK. She’s toured projects to 9 different countries worldwide in partnership with the British Council; from a live silent film on the lake inside the Museum of Art in Kochi, to a 5-minute Oliver Jeffers adaptation for one child at a time at an orphanage of 78 children 4-hours drive outside of Cairo.

Alongside her work with Coney, Becki is Co-Director for the Total Theatre Network; building recognition and support for independent practitioners in the UK and a Trustee for Deafinitely Theatre; the UK’s leading deaf theatre company. She is a member of IETM, The Creative Industries Federation, The Allbright Academy, the School of Social Entrepreneurs and is a Clore 42 Alumni.

Previous artists Becki has worked with include Bootworks, Theatre Ad Infinitum, Mark Storer, Blind Summit, Ridiculusmus, 1927 Productions, The Paper Birds and Shunt. Her first office was a 3m x 3m square jigsaw piece in an abandoned office block and her favourite cake is lemon.

Tassos thinks she’s the least playful person he’s ever met.