A Series of Outdoor Adventures

Posted on March 8th, 2022

Graphic of two white silhouettes and a skyline.

To celebrate the return of spring, Coney is presenting three outdoor adventures inviting you to explore your locality in new and exciting ways.

Wander among the graves of your local cemetery, find the perfect instagram spot or discover the secret powers near where you live or work, in these three exciting work-in-progress pieces by Coney artists.

Meet Me At The Cemetery Gates: 20th March

Artists Afreena Islam-Wright and Mark Croasdale take you on an interactive storytelling journey in your local cemetery.

Grab your smartphone and a pair of headphones and walk with them as they share their stories: stories of funerals, of loss of loved ones and strangers, of longing and avoiding, of religion and faith…

This new work-in-progress show explores our relationship with grief and the spaces connected to it.

This is an individual audio piece that can be played at any time during the day in any cemetery: then join us for a drink in the Coney Zoom Bar to meet the artists and share stories.

For more information and to book your pay-what-you-can tickets, click here.

Perfect Insta: 25 – 27 March

Artist Georgina Bednar takes you on an adventure in your local neighbourhood, on a quest to find out how memories link to the photos we take.

And if you’re lucky, discover your perfect instagram shot along the way…. The question is, do you want to take it?

Created by Georgina Bednar, sound design by Eva Collins Alonso & Anna Lau

For more information and to book your pay-what-you-can tickets, click here.

An Adventure Experiment: 29 OR 30 April

This is an interactive smartphone adventure for two players, made by Ian Pidd, Tassos Stevens and others TBC.

An Adventure Experiment is tailored specifically for here wherever you find yourselves: in a neighbourhood or district of a town of your choice, near where you live or where you work. But here as you may have never seen before.

Go on a mission in search of an invisible power, and its mysterious conjurer. And then… well, it wouldn’t be an adventure if you know what happens next…

But we hope you’ll play well.

This is a work-in-progress presentation of a new secret project we will unveil in 2022. We’ll be releasing a limited number of pairs of tickets for the Adventure Experiment. Join our lottery using the link below, telling us a bit about yourself, and when and where you would like to play.

You’ll need a charged smartphone with access to mobile data and the ability to receive phone calls/text messages, a pair of headphones, and a friend who’s game to play with you.

Please enter the prize draw to win a place on the Adventure Experiment using this link. If you are selected, you will receive an email confirming no later than Monday 18th April.



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