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Reflecting Community

Director Tassos Stevens shares how a ‘good question’ was the key to adapting Coney’s practice to towards community development in Gloucester.

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On trust: what’s at play?

Director Tassos Stevens shares some of the research and practice that emerged from a recent commission, and how this led to a path to better understand the factors in play in building or eroding trust.

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Common Ground: reflections and learnings

Associate Director Rhianna Ilube reflects on her time making games with teenagers on heritage sites across the East of England.

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Playful Activism, game mechanics and participation

Arts education researchers and friends of Coney Elvira Crois and Free De Backer write on Coney’s practice of social change through play.

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HOME/CARE – Parwinder writes

Over the last 6 months, Coney’s brilliant Trainee Producer, Parwinder Kaur, has been working across our programme on a wide range of projects. Here, Parwinder takes a deep-dive into our project in-development, HOME/CARE.

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Screenshot of a video call.

Reflections from a Remote Rehearsal

Half-way through rehearsals for Three Futures (and a Fortune), our team were thrown the creative challenge: what does a remote rehearsal look like?

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A workshop with Áron Birtalan – Eliza writes

Our Producer Eliza shares some learning from a workshop about transformational practice, led by internationally renowned Artist and Transformation Games Practitioner, Áron Birtalan.

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